What Do We Do?

The Services We Offer

802 Eye Care is a full-service optometry center, equipped to help you maintain the health of your eyes, and to give you the best possible visual clarity. We have combined these with an extensive inventory of the latest and greatest eyewear styles. You can be confident that you'll see and look your best. From the first eye exam to the final fitting of your fantastic-looking eyewear, we've got you covered.

In Our Store

With our extensive selection of frames, you're sure to find whatever you need to get the look you're after. We've got titanium, rimless, acetate, and many other materials to choose from in styles ranging from fun and edgy to classic and subtle. With our large kids' section, the children can have a great time finding the perfect look. We also have a huge selection of sunglasses in the most popular and exclusive brands, with both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Check out this list of products we carry to get an idea of what you'll find in our showroom.

We offer the latest lens technologies, including the best anti-reflection coatings, lenses that darken in sunlight and coatings that block the harmful blue light from LED devices. Whether you need distance, bifocal, progressives or anything in between, we have you covered.

We'll spend time checking and adjusting every pair of glasses to ensure they fit you comfortably. Whether or not you purchased your glasses here, we'll be happy to adjust or repair them.

Need your order shipped? No problem. We can ship to anywhere within the continental U.S.

The Medical Services

We offer a range of eye evaluations from brief medical visits through comprehensive eye exams. The testing can include:

  • eye pressure
  • refraction and prescription evaluation
  • eye health evaluation (may include dilation)
...among many others

For patients with medical issues including diabetes or patients taking Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine), we perform a complete dilated eye health examination and send a letter to your family doctor with the results. This helps your doctor manage the medical issues that affect your body as well as your eyes. We also have a retinal camera for photos of the back of the eye.

We can check eye pressures and perform a visual field test for patients at risk of glaucoma. We often co-manage with local ophthalmologists for patients with complicated eye health issues such as cataracts, retinal problems, and trauma to your eyes. If you have red eye, it's a good idea to visit our office before your family doctor since we can evaluate the different causes of red eye more easily with our specialized equipment.

We work with local LASIK specialists including Dr. Juli Larson of Vermont Eye Laser, Dr. Greg McCormick of Vermont Laser Vision and Dr Gordon Balaszi and Dr. Marc Mullie of Laservue. Your pre- and post-op evaluations can be completed at our office and reports will be sent to your preferred surgeon.

We keep several brands and styles of diagnostic contact lenses in stock to try in-office. If we have to order trial contact lenses they usually arrive within a day or two. We fit patients with disposable soft contacts that can be changed daily, every 2 weeks or monthly. We also fit hard lenses for people who prefer them or to accommodate corneal disease. We carry toric contacts for patients with astigmatism. For people over 40 years old that have trouble reading, we can try multifocal or monovision contact lenses. We also keep trial colored contact lenses for people that want to try something a little different. There are several shades that range from natural tints to a very significant color change.

We can evaluate and treat visual issues such as double vision and focusing problems, and also work with local vision therapy specialists. Many children have undiagnosed vision therapy issues that are not found during school screenings or at a visit with your pediatrician. Some adults that work many hours on computers can develop vision problems that may not be improved by a simple refraction. If you suffer from headaches or tiredness at the end of the day or feel that you see double or your eyes cross with a lot of computer work, then vision therapy may help you resolve those problems.