We Accept Insurance!

Insurance and Billing

No matter how you look at it, health insurance can be complicated. Which company provides your coverage? What do they cover? Is there a co-pay? Are you limited in your frame selection? Are family members covered in the same way? The questions go on and on... and the answers can be different for everyone, even if they're covered by the same insurance provider.

Here at 802 Eye Care, we try to simplify all of these insurance concerns. Your eye care experience should be simple and pleasant. We can explain to you exactly what will be covered, what your limitations are and what your costs will be. We've got years of experience dealing with all insurance companies. If there's something about your insurance plan that you're not sure of, we can call your insurance provider on your behalf and get clarification.

We accept the most popular insurance plans. From Davis Vision to VSP and just about everything in between. If you change insurance provider for any reason (moving to a new location, new job, other changes in circumstance), there's a very good chance we accept your new insurance plan as well. We also accept health savings plans that can be used towards your exam, glasses, contact lenses, or other medical services.

Don't have health insurance? Or maybe your insurance plan doesn't include a vision plan? No problem! Our prices are very competitive, and we accept all major payment methods. We also have flexible payment options available, courtesy of CareCredit (click the logo below to go to the CareCredit web site).

Don't hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you might have!

Below you'll find a list of all the insurance providers we currently accept. You can click on any logo to go to their web site for more information.